Final Destination: Disaster

What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines


“Final Destination: Disaster. What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines,” will reveal for the very first time, the interconnection between top executives of this large corporation and the highest U.S. government officials, exposing the dire consequences of the foregoing. It points the finger at the Reagan Administration’s desire to leave a serious, potentially politically-damaging airliner crash that intertwines with the Iran-Contra affair, uninvestigated and out of the public limelight, in turn betraying the trust of anyone who has ever boarded a United States commercial airline flight. This reading voyage will bring to light how the crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 980 led to the downward spiral, sale and final demise of “The Wings of Man,” once the second largest airline in the free world; the true reasons for which needed to be kept top-secret. All of this and many more facts that could only have been written from an insider’s perspective, with information never before revealed, are contained in this extraordinary read.

To the many thousands of former Eastern employees who never knew the complexity of events surrounding them, but who paid dearly.

George Jehn




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