Below are two of George Jehn's published works; FInal Destination Disaster and Flying Too Close To The Sun

Final Destination: Disaster
What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines

ISBN-13-9780989452960 / ISBN-10- 09879452964

Hardcover - October 1, 2014

“Final Destination: Disaster. What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines,” will reveal for the very first time, the interconnection between top executives of this large corporation and the highest U.S. government officials, exposing the dire consequences of the foregoing. It points the finger at the Reagan Administration’s desire to leave a serious, potentially politically-damaging airliner crash that intertwines with the Iran-Contra affair, uninvestigated and out of the public limelight, in turn betraying the trust of anyone who has ever boarded a United States commercial airline flight. This reading voyage will bring to light how the crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 980 led to the downward spiral, sale and final demise of “The Wings of Man,” once the second largest airline in the free world; the true reasons for which needed to be kept top-secret. All of this and many more facts that could only have been written from an insider’s perspective, with information never before revealed, are contained in this extraordinary read.

Final Destination: Disaster Review

Captain Jerry K. Loeb, EAL (Fired and Retired)

Author George Jehn, "Final Destination: Disaster," has written an astonishing account of the financial rape and calculated murder of Eastern Airlines (EAL). His meticulous and scalpel-like rendering of this designed and orchestrated disaster and death of a once-proud model of Americah captalism; is phenomenal as to Mr. Jehn's research, detail and accuracy. Mr. Jehn should know. He was an EAL pilot and a key member of the EAL's ALPA Pilots' Union and an inner circle member who strived mightily to keep EAL alive and moving forward. Instead, greedy men, with the assistance of the White House, opened the veins of EAL and watched her die. And took their remains of the day profits and left the bones behind. This is a must-read for every working man and woman in America!


Final Destination: Disaster Review

Retired airline pilot S.L. Menear

Author/retired airline pilot George Jehn exposes a modern-day Goliath of power, greed, and corruption encompassing men working at the highest levels of corporations and government in the most powerful nation on Earth as he bravely goes where no man has dared to go before. Watergate pales in comparison. FINAL DESTINATION: DISASTER shocked me to my very core and forever changed my perception of American history in the 1980s and beyond. Warning: There be dragons here.
Retired airline pilot S.L. Menear, author of DEADSTICK DAWN and the upcoming POSEIDON’S SWORD


Final Destination: Disaster Review

Bill Whitehouse

Once again Jehn has written an excellent book. Unlike his first this novel, Final Destination:Disaster tells the story of an actual airline disaster and the aftermath. While reading this book I couldn't help but wonder how this all happened in the "modern" world of aviation. We all know that airlines accident are investigated until the truth is known---aren't they ?

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Flying Too Close To The Sun


E-book Available

Flying to Close To The Sun tells the story of airline pilots in the throes of serious financial problems who discover a purported “easy way out” of their dilemma.

Before you take off on this reading journey, you’ll want to make sure your seat belt is securely fastened due to unexpected turbulence, surprising twists, sudden turns, and close calls.

The author flew for two major airlines for over thirty years and this fast-paced thriller will give you a peek behind that mysterious cockpit portal and into the personal lives of the men and women who fly you to your journey’s end.

Flying Too Close to the Sun Amazon Review

Capt.Trigg Adams, EAL ret.

The author brings you into an accurate portrayal of the pilot's world, and tells a pretty darn good tale in the process. Great literature it ain't, but you will get drawn into the intrigue of the story and how he weaves the technical seamlessly into a good mystery/adventure. Most of us pilots aren't all that beautiful or handsome, but we are generally pretty good at our jobs, hours of boredom and moments of, shall we say, great tension, brought on by the fact that mistakes in this profession usually have fatal consequences. As Samuel Johnson once observed, "The prospect of hanging, (or crashing), concentrates the mind wonderfully." Unlike most aviation-based stories,this one doesn't depend on the in-flight drama, but the nefarious activities of a cast of good and not-so-good characters. Having flown the Eastern Shuttle just added another fun element of re-living the challenge. Capt.Trigg Adams, EAL ret.


Flying Too Close to the Sun Amazon Review

Kenny G.

I never was much of a reader. This book came to me because I love planes, but it turned out to be about way more than that. The story evoked just about every emotion in me- I laughed, I cried, I wondered, I worried, and really related to some of the characters. And even though not much for reading, I hung on and kept reading to the end because I had to know what happened next. Awesome.


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